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ROKK : a horror film that really envokes fear

ROKK Usual attempts to produce a horror film merely appears as dramatic and rarely envokes fear in the viewers. But ROKK is of a different genre. The film is due to be released on 5 March and the horror situation is weaved so beautifully in it that it appears real and natural. The script writer has provided a good base to the story and the director has maintained the flow with all seriousness. The tempo never slackens as there is no song in the film.

Synopsis :

Anushka (Tanushree Dutta) and Ahana (Udita Goswami) are two sisters. Anushka is married to Ravi who is aged than her. His first wife had died two years ago in a fatal accident. This marriage is neither approved by Anushka's family nor by Ravi's younger sister. But the passage of time moderates these oppositon.

Ravi gifts a bunglow on the second marriage anniversary to his wife. It was the bunglow he had purchased four years ago for his first wife. When the couple shifts to the bunglow to celebrate their anniversary and reside unnatural happenings start occuring. Initially Ravi sweeps all these as just imagination but when he comes to know that all those who worked for the interior had died in accidents he become suspicious too.

Ahana receives a call for help from his sister Anushka and she goes to Goa. When she reaches the bunglow the bloody game has already started. She decides to fight for justice to her sister Asushka and to punish the culprit. She is helped by a CBI officer Ranbir (Shaad Randhawa) in this pursuit. Vishwatma ( Arif Zakaria), a resorcer helps them but he too was a victim of evil souls. One after the other murder happenns. Any one suspected of the crime gets killed next day and the supense thickens.

Did Ahana and Ranbir succeed in catching the culprit or did they became victim themselves ? To know these answers you have to visit the theatres to see the film ROKK directed by Rajesh Ransinghe and presented by Sunit Sehgal of Ikon Films. Producers of the film are Krishna Chaudhary and Bipin Jain. The film is going to be released on 5th March.

(Source : Ashok Bhatia, Journalist/PRO, A/001, Venture Aptt, Sec-6, Vasant Nagari, Vasai (East), Thane. Ph.: 09221232130)


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